Nature is the Coolest

So I get up this morning, all bright eyed and bushy tailed as I always am in the morning, and skip out of my apartment to do my morning errands. I see the usual sights and sounds, birds chirping, delivery trucks blocking traffic, homeless people getting their morning change, but then something was different. I look in the distance, peering through the morning mist, and can it be? It was! Their plain as day…FIRST YEARS!!! Latin name, Firstus Freshian Yearies NewBs, these timid creatures arrive in large quantities once a year in search of a new home. It is unknown what draws so many of these creatures to this area. Some scientist believe that they may be drawn by a unique pheromone produced by a plant local to the area, or it might be due to the large concentration of the color maroon that also appears in the area. While the debate will continue, all the researchers agree that the appearance of the first years is not do to reproduction. These creatures never travel alone, but instead are accompanied by their mother or father, or both. They carry with them a crude piece of parchment, which they consult regularly and use as a basis for their movements. The first years do not exhibit any form of pack mentality, but instead seem to prefer isolation and the comfort of routine over new sensation. Soon, these creatures will begin to realize that their strange new home should in fact be embraced instead of shunned. While many will grow and evolve into their final state, Grownus Adulyie Upus, a few unexplained cases become an entirely different creature, known only as 1337 hAxOr. Very little is known about these creatures, do to their extreme reclusiveness, fear of light, and lack of procreation. If all goes well the first years will soon start to form small packs and a being to interact with each other using a local concoction known simply as Alchie.


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