I know I have not posted in awhile, but I have been rather busy with school work, two jobs, and just life in general.  I do, however, have some good news.  I may actually be employable!! HUZZAH!  I posted my resume on Monster, and have also sent out a few of them to specific places, and I have started to get responses.  The first was from a headhunting firm here in Chicago.  They are a tech recruiting firm for companies in the area, and they have taken an interest in me.  I already had and interview with them which I thought went very well.  They gave me a list of their clients for me to look at, and after some research I found one that I liked.  So after telling them that, they are now working on setting me up with them.  HUZZAH!

In addition to that, I have a phone interview with Microsoft on Monday!  I honestly have not used a windows box in years, but if they want to interview me, I am sure as hell going to let them.  This will be my first real CS interview, so I am fairly nervous.  They say it will be a very technical interview so I have to do things like solving problems, answering riddles, and writing code.  Writing this post is actually my break from studying, so I should probably get back that now…wish me luck!


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