I heart my droid

“I shall slay thee mighty dragon!” I scream as I rush at the ancient green monster.   The last breath of fire from the beast had come far to close, my glowing red shield was the only reason I remained standing.  He, the dragon they call Tithdel, rears on his two hind legs and lets out a roar loud enough to wake my dead companions.  No matter! This quest that has consumed me for all these years will be decided at this moment!  I shall slay this enemy of man, or I shall die by his claws, there shall be no other outcome.  I reach Tithdel and raise my sword for a death blow, with a terrible rage I swing my mighty weapon at his black heart. He jumps back and returns with a *BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP*.

I wake up and look over at my alarm clock showing 5:20 am, the string of obscenities that followed would make any sailor blush.  In my mostly dazed state I could not remember why I would willfully submit myself to the horrible monstrosity of 5:20 am.  I should hope I did this on purpose and not just set the alarm incorrectly again – THE DROID! I gleefully jump out of bed and head to the bathroom to put my face on.  It is droid release day!  I had set alarm to that ungodly hour so I could pick up the super phone before I got to work.  The Verizon stores had chosen to open up extra early on that Friday to accommodate the masses with more money then sense, like me!

I got to the store around 7:15, only a few minutes after they had opened, and a line had already formed.  As I “patiently” waited my turn, I played with the droid they had on display.  I had been in the market for an android phone so I had been reading the reviews of all the phones that were out.   None of them had seemed particularly great, until I started hearing about the droid.  It was fast, had a nice camera, a hardware keyboard, and a sharp screen, I was sold.  Once my number was called I skipped to the counter and purchase my new toy.

The clouds parted, birds started singing, taxi’s stopped driving like homicidal @#$!@#, the droid was mine! While walking to work I had a few minutes to get acquainted with my new phone.  The first thing I noticed was how great the screen was. The 480×854 screen was by far the best screen I had ever seen in a mobile device.  Even in the morning sunlight (after all that it wasn’t even 8 am yet, God 5:20 is early) the screen was easy to see and read.  The few quick youtube videos I watched loaded fairly quickly and looked very good on the droid, especially after I realized I can select high definition mode.  Sadly I had then arrived at work and could not give my phone the attention it deserved for a few more hours.

I have had my phone for a few months now, and it continues to impress. I have downloaded whole bunch of apps and explored the phone to a large extent.  The hardware keyboard is very nice and responsive, and I found that I could type on it quickly and with only a few errors.  While I did not use the virtual keyboard much at first, I have found it to be very nicely done in both landscape and portrait formats.  I write a lot of texts, so the ability to write quickly is much appreciated.

The camera on the phone is great, well, it was great for 24.5 days at a time.  There was a truly bizarre bug that had the auto focus on the camera behave like crap for 24.5 days, the work really well for the next 24.5 days.  This was fixed in a software update a few weeks after the phone’s release, but still, weird as hell. Now that it is working consistently I like it a lot and all the pictures in the last post were from my phone.

One pleasant surprise is that the droid is an excellent GPS device.  I have a Garmin GPS device that I used whenever I was going someplace new.  It worked very well and always got me where I needed to go.  Once I got a car charger for the droid (enabling the GPS sucks power like, well, a vampire hoover or some other such nonsense) I started to use it as a GPS device.  The first obvious benefit was being able to place the screen vertically which allows you to see the roads further in FRONT of you.  I never did understand why GPS devices came in a wide screen format, since I don’t care what is to the sides of me.  The next great advantage is real time traffic updates while driving.  The droid lets you see the traffic for your whole route at once in the green, yellow, red system of Google maps and lets you change your route accordingly.  This has saved me a few times already.

Going online is also a very pleasant experience with the droid.  With Verizon I am usually in a 3G area which lets the pages load very quickly.  I would say a  page shows up on average, with pictures and all, in about 10 seconds.  This is quicker then my old laptop.  The big screen allows for easy viewing and the browser automatically adjusts most articles to be the proper width for the screen.  More then once I have spent the bus ride home from work reading articles or looking up recipes for the dinner I was about to cook.

In addition to the web browsing, Google reader, tasks, and many other Google services have been formated to work very well on the droid.  I have many, many subscriptions on my reader and they all show up nicely on the phone.  A recent discovery for me is that tasks can be used as an EXCELLENT shopping list app.  At home I type in the list on my big old keyboard, and at the store I can cross thing off the list with one quick tap.

So in conclusion (I really need to wrap this up) I heart my droid.  I think it is the single greatest device I have ever bought and I use it constantly throughout the day for many different reasons.  Even after a few months of owning it, I am finding out new and exciting uses for it.

p.s. I kicked Tithdel’s ass the next night, the princess was pleased.


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