Hey there!

Howdy y’all! So There has been a fair amount going on in my life recently, namely I am now a real adult with a real job and real paychecks! (the last one is the most important) I started my job about 2 months ago, and I have to say I like it so far. I am programing in python, the company gives me free bagels in the morning, free cereal/coffee/espressos/soda pop all day long, and there is a game room with xbox 360 and wii! I play halo at work almost everyday. I mean its only like 20 minutes of Halo, but I still enjoy it.

The other thing I am up to is making a website for my dad. The first incarnation can be found at here. I think its a pretty decent first attempt at a web site considering I made the whole thing from scratch and learned css in like 2 days. The whole thing took me about a week.  Currently I am working on the second incarnation of this site that should be much easier to manage.  I am using pylons, which is a python based web framework, to make my life much easier.  Now I can quickly add and change the sites around with minimal effort.  Let me tell you, inheriting templates of html code makes life SO MUCH EASIER. Anyway, I am going to try and post more frequently, we shall see how that goes. Peace out.


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