What I’ve been doing…

So I am now done with college, I have a degree and everything!! I will also be starting my job on Monday, very exciting! In my few weeks of free time between college and work, there has been a lot of video games and some side projects. There is the physics sim that you all know and love, and I have also been working on a website for my dads company.
So I have been working on it for about 4 or 5 days, learning css along the way, and I already have a fairly functioning and I think good looking site. Now I first looked around for my dad to get some legit web developers to do it, and they pretty much all wanted 6-8 weeks and ~$8000. Crazy talk. I know I learn this stuff faster then the average Joe, but damn, I clearly should do this stuff on the side. I could be making mad bank! I will link to the site once it is in a finished state so you can all tell me what you think!


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