new applet version

I just posted a new version of the gravity applet that lets you choose if you want to draw short tails, no tails, or draw the full line!  So now you can draw pretty pictures and all that jazz.  I think the next version will allow you to define a path for a well to follow.  On a side note, this is starting to move away from a gravity sim and move more towards an E&M sim, so if I start calling gravity wells magnets, that is why.  Although when you turn on friction it is more of a gravity sim then E&M.  Whatever, we shall see how it turns out!  Once again you can find the applet here.

update:  As my friend pointed out, I couldn’t do anti-gravity, but now I can!! Namely you can put in a negavity well power number so that it repels particles instead of attracting them.


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