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Cool toys dude!

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So I stumbled onto this little video just now, and I found it incredibly fascinating. Its a time lapse shoot of a monster truck competition, with some effect thrown in to make everything look like miniatures.  I am not sure what makes me so very enthralled with this video, maybe its just my childhood love of monster trucks, but I felt like sharing.  Enjoy!


Morgan Freeman Eating Cotton Candy

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Well, that was easy…

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So my phone interview with Microsoft lasted all of 20 minutes?  They asked me to explain a technical challenge I have faced, asked me to do a simple coding example (was like 4 lines), and then asked me to explain how a computer network worked to someone who knew nothing about computers….and that was it.  So then I guess this round was to weed out people who know absolutely nothing about computers.  Eventually though, if they like me, they will fly me out to Redmond (all expenses paid, cha-CHING) and have me interview for like 9 straight hours… that should be fun.  On a somewhat separate note, I was supposed to download some LiveMetting software for the interview.  Its basically a chat client so that during the interview I can type code and such for the interviewer to look at.  The fun part is that when I tried to download it on my windows machine, windows was convinced this piece of software from Microsoft was a virus.  I spent about an hour turning off every security feature I could find so I could get the download to work, but to no avail.  So then I ended up using the java version through firefox on my linux box, which worked first try, no problems.  I thought it was amusing.


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I know I have not posted in awhile, but I have been rather busy with school work, two jobs, and just life in general.  I do, however, have some good news.  I may actually be employable!! HUZZAH!  I posted my resume on Monster, and have also sent out a few of them to specific places, and I have started to get responses.  The first was from a headhunting firm here in Chicago.  They are a tech recruiting firm for companies in the area, and they have taken an interest in me.  I already had and interview with them which I thought went very well.  They gave me a list of their clients for me to look at, and after some research I found one that I liked.  So after telling them that, they are now working on setting me up with them.  HUZZAH!

In addition to that, I have a phone interview with Microsoft on Monday!  I honestly have not used a windows box in years, but if they want to interview me, I am sure as hell going to let them.  This will be my first real CS interview, so I am fairly nervous.  They say it will be a very technical interview so I have to do things like solving problems, answering riddles, and writing code.  Writing this post is actually my break from studying, so I should probably get back that now…wish me luck!