It would appear that Google will soon have a physical manifestation of their Internet might. They have recently filed a patent on a floating data center. Soon a massive data armada will be sailing the high sea’s looting and pillaging all the data they can find.  From the great rolling Linux clusters in the west, to the spectacular PDA peaks in the East, no one will be safe.  High Admirals Page and Brin know no mercy, no compassion.  Their goals are clear and concise, “Do not be evil…except when taking over the world.”  We must band together and prepare for this oncoming menace!  We must pool all of our resources together, Yahoo, MSN,  and Alta Vista, we must all work together.  We will rally behind the banner of Lord Jeeves himself and stand firm against roaming horde!  Our ships may not be as numerous, but they will be mighty!  They will be the 1337est ships evr and pwn those newbs hardcore!  WHO IS WITH ME?


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