WTF People, Seriously?

The only reason that I can believe this is true, is because it was reported by BBC. If I saw this pretty much anywhere else on the internet, I would think it was a joke, and a bad one at that. They are making a movie based on Facebook and it is being made by the guy who did the West Wing. HUH? WHY?…seriously? I can only imagine that there will be 10 minute montage of the most epic poke battle ever. Two people sitting at their computers eating funions and drinking Jolt roaming the net and then they are like, “Oh, I got poked! I will poke them back now!” Then maybe they will show people seeing pictures of themselves go up from nights they don’t remember and be like, “God dammit I hate my friends…and booze…and especially those two together.” Maybe it will show how Mark Zuckerberg didn’t have any friends and decided to make a website so people can become friends with him in the most passive way possible, and maybe one of them might even be a girl! Well I guess it will all be okay because the American people will realize this is a horribly stupid idea and not go see it since they are a smart, educated, and rational people! will make millions *sob*


2 Responses to “WTF People, Seriously?”

  1. Actually, there was some odd details on how facebook was founded. Some former friends of zuck’s hired him for there company connectu, and the two founders claimed he stole their code for facebook. It was just settled out of court. The two founders were also in the Olympics on rowing. There were some other minor dramas, hardly deserving a movie. I think valleywag said that the movie was going to be based on that.

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