*Honk Honk*

So as I get generally close to the end of my college life the giant 18 headed, 43 necked, 2 armed, 3 winged black beast from the deepest depths of the Arg-Nak forest of evil named Getting a Job looms ever nearer.  Even though its still a school year away I have started thinking about it now so I can possibly make it to being the day shift manager at Wendy’s, instead of the Chief Drive Through Consultant’s Assistant.  So with this in mind I get a Monster.com email with this as its featured job.  That’s right, they will PAY for my truck driving school!!  Wooooooooooo! Now, let me first say that I think driving a truck is a fine job, and that many people do it quite well. HOWEVER, should this really be the only job that is featured?  Seriously?  I understand that Monster sends this email out to many, many people and they need it to be appeal to everyone blah blah blah.  All I am saying is that it is a great offer and it is now a solid plan B.


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