Day two without power.  It has been hard on all of us, especially Johnson.  He just paces back and forth mumbling to himself “what if someone emailed me…I am missing my shows…I can’t make coffee…” on and on, back and forth he goes.  I don’t know how much longer he can hold out, although I can’t say I blame him.  I was in the middle of a horde of Covenant when the power cut…the images still haunt me.  Did I get that elite? DID I? I may never know.  NO, the power will come back.  It has to.  We have to stay strong and hold off the unending boredom.  Always there, always pressing.  We have played monopoly 43 times now…I think Smith cheats…he has so many houses on his property, where does all that money come from.  I must watch him closely.  Jones made a promising discovery early today.  He found what he calls “books.”  There was a whole room full of them, if we can decipher their cryptic code we may be able to entertain ourselves a little while longer.  Just a little longer…



One Response to “Must…hold…out…”

  1. We got the drain clear though. I knew everything would be ok after that.

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