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I stumbled onto this just now.  Just bask in all it’s glory.


mmmmmmmmm…Encased Meat….

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I would like to just like to tell all of you about the most excellent lunch that I had yesterday at Hot Doug’s. For those of you who don’t know Hot Doug’s is “the Sausage Superstore and Encased Meat Emporium”. All they sell are encased meat, a.k.a. sausage, hot dogs, etc.  This is one of those cases where a business only does one thing, but they do it really, really well.  They are without a doubt the most delicious and awesome sausages you will ever eat in your life. How, you may ask, does one have 20+ different kinds of sausage?  Well about half the menu are the kinds of sausage you would expect; beer soaked brats, Chicago style hot dogs, etc (the beer brat is also the single best beer brat I have ever had so you know). The other half of the menu is where the real fun comes in.  So yesterday I had (copied straight from there menu):

Gyros Sausage with Artichoke-Garlic Crème Fraîche, Kalamata Olive Tapenade and Feta Cheese

Merlot and Blueberry Venison Sausage with Pomegranate-Blueberry Mustard Cream and Smoked Gouda Cheese

Kangaroo Sausage with Roasted Ancho Chili Mayonnaise and Danish Fontina Cheese

Thats right, kangaroo sausage.  They have a Game of the Week sausage, which just happened to be kangaroo this time.  Last time I was there I had Alligator sausage.  This place is just plain awesome.  So apparently Doug, the owner if that wasn’t apparent, used to be an actual chef and all that jazz until one day he was like, you know what, I am only going to make only sausage from now on.  The place is only open from 10:30-4 M-Sat because Doug wants to serve every customer personally.  So the guy who takes your order is Doug himself every time you go there.  With this in mind, the place is not terribly big, and there is a 45 minute wait to get your food pretty much every weekend.  The line goes out the door and around the block on the weekends, but it is so very very very worth the wait.  You should all go, it is very nearly life changing experience, I know the venison sausage changed mine…It still haunts my dreams…

First Thoughts of Ubuntu On My EEE PC

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As I am sure a lot of you know already I got an eee pc a couple months ago.  It is a great little computer that really has everything you could possibly want for about $300.  While the hardware was great and cheap, there was always something to be desired from the OS.  The eee ships with Xandros which is an offshoot of Debian linux.  Out of the box the OS is in what I call “stupid user” mode.  There is no desktop or start menu or anything like that; there are only a bunch of really big buttons that are marked with Internet, or word processing, and things of that nature.  So as soon as I got mine I knew I had to get myself into “smart user” mode. I played around with the eee for a while and after some help from the Internet and a hour or two of cursing, I was able to unlock a normal desktop.  The reason that this took so long was that the eee shipped with the wrong default package repositories (always fun), but once I figured that out it took me about 5 minutes to convert to full desktop mode.  This mode was a lot better for me then the “stupid user” mode since now it seemed like I had a real computer!

While this was good for a while, I soon found some annoying quirks.  First, the eee had real problems connecting to a new wireless network.  It would always take several tries and many restarts of the wireless, but eventually it would connect.  After that it was generally okay with connecting to an old network again.  It would also do stupid things like mount my SD card 5-6 times for no apparent reason other then to put more icons on my task bar.  Additionally, it never asked me for a password when I did sudo commands, which did not make a whole lot of sense to me.  So with these quirks, and the real need to re-partition my drives to make use of my 8GB SD card, I decided to try out a version of Ubuntu that had been designed specifically with the eee in mind.

The installation was not all that bad after I got a little help from my friend Karl.  I started by converting a flash drive into a live CD thingy using the unetbootin utility, which pretty much consisted of me clicking two buttons and waiting (so very, very easy).  The only real problem with the installation itself was that the default partitioning of the drives did not work.  After a few tries using the default options, I switched over to manual mode which worked perfectly once I got some advice from Karl on how to set it up.  So now I have a working Ubuntu copy on my eee (applause)!  The first difference with Ubuntu is that it takes a little longer to boot up then Xandros, but not so long as it would be a deal breaker.  Once the OS is up however, Ubuntu is noticeably better then Xandros.  To begin, the default desktop is clearly better set up for the smaller screens and does not try to imitate a windows desktop like Xandros does.  The screen is of course still small, and only so much can be done about that.  The first somewhat surprising difference I found was that Firefox runs noticeably faster and smother then it did under Xandros.  Since I think most people (well at least I do) use the eee primarily as a way to surf the net, this is certainly a great change.  Also, the wireless seems a lot less retarded then it did before.  It now connects to new networks with no fuss at all.  What was completely unexpected however, was the very noticeable increase in battery life!  Before I could get about 1.5 hours, give or take, out of the eee.  Now with Ubuntu it is at about 2.5 hours!! This was certainly not a result that I was expecting.  The new OS was not flawless however.  There have been two problems that I noticed already, one being that the machine did no properly turn off (you had to hold down the power button to actually get the eee to turn all the way off) and the other being that the volume control was foo-bared.  They were not much if a problem though since they were both fixed by taking a look at the wiki for the OS.  It took less then two minutes to find and implement the fixes for both of these problems.  So all told, I am very happy with my move so far, and I will be sure to give you all an update once I have had time to play around with my new toy some more!

I Can Change the Interwebs!

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So I wrote about the facebook movie earlier today, a post that my sister saw.  She then got very confused and saddened that something so horrible might actually be true, so she searched the internet for confirmation and found a few other news articles that said the same thing.  She then sent this email:

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: my sisters email
Date: Thu, Aug 28, 2008 at 9:46 AM
Subject: Facebook Movie

The BBC, the Guardian and New York Magazine are all over the totally fake-seeming Aaron Sorkin movie about Facebook.

Please get to the bottom of this horrible joke,

Thank you.
Then not too long ago this article was posted on valleywag.  WWWWWOOOOOOOO I helped to change the Internet!!! WWWWWOOOOOOOOOO!!

WTF People, Seriously?

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The only reason that I can believe this is true, is because it was reported by BBC. If I saw this pretty much anywhere else on the internet, I would think it was a joke, and a bad one at that. They are making a movie based on Facebook and it is being made by the guy who did the West Wing. HUH? WHY?…seriously? I can only imagine that there will be 10 minute montage of the most epic poke battle ever. Two people sitting at their computers eating funions and drinking Jolt roaming the net and then they are like, “Oh, I got poked! I will poke them back now!” Then maybe they will show people seeing pictures of themselves go up from nights they don’t remember and be like, “God dammit I hate my friends…and booze…and especially those two together.” Maybe it will show how Mark Zuckerberg didn’t have any friends and decided to make a website so people can become friends with him in the most passive way possible, and maybe one of them might even be a girl! Well I guess it will all be okay because the American people will realize this is a horribly stupid idea and not go see it since they are a smart, educated, and rational people! will make millions *sob*


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My roomate just bought this yesterday.  65” LCD HDTV.  I have no words for either how large or awesome that is.  I will of course let you all know how it works out for our appartment.

This Is Why, This Is Why, This Is Why I Am A Nerd…

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So I find this site incredibly awesome.  That’s right, a high resolution radar loop of the united states.  For whatever reason the mere fact that you can see the whole weather system at once appeals to my inner (and outer nerd) a whole lot.