I Relaunched Your Mom Last Night!

Glorious day! I have decided to relaunch (probably launching for the first time is more appropriate…) the blog, under the deep, meaningful title Nightmares of David Bowie’s Package! And by deep and meaningful, I mean it was one of the many random phrases that were blurted out one night at the pub with a friend. I thought it was funny, I remembered it in the morning, and voila! Anyway, it is now well into summer and my many many hour work week. For those that don’t know, I now have 2 jobs that tottal 55.5 hours a week. While this does make me more money then I ever have before (not saying that much for a college student) only having a one day weekend and two 12 hour work days a week are not as much fun as you would think. We shall see how it all goes. If nothing else, I have a window at my second job! WOOOO! I get to watch the squirells when they are merry… I also get to watch construction workers swing like 10×15 feet planes of glass in the air on windy days as they work on the building next to mine. Good times for all! So hopefully I will have more random thoughts to post at some point soon, and maybe someone other then me willl read them!



One Response to “I Relaunched Your Mom Last Night!”

  1. consider yourself linked sir!

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